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Project Description
The Silverlight Cookbook is a .NET reference application that demonstrates how to build a full-blown line-of-business application using the Silverlight 4 Reference Architecture explained in this blog series. For a more elaborate introduction read my post Introducing The Silverlight Cookbook.

The reference application uses the following technologies:

Read more about the reference architecture in the documentation section. 


Background Information
The Silverlight Cookbook is largely based on the The CQRS Kitchen, a similar project intended to demonstrate how to apply the CQRS architecture and the Event Sourcing principle to a .NET system. That demo project largely relied on the NCQRS framework, but I wanted to demonstrate how to build the backend using well-known components such as NHibernate and WCF Data Services. That’s why I’ve decided to shut down The CQRS Kitchen and start a new project here. I will regularly incorporate proven design decisions from my current projects (both Silverlight and others).

About Me
My name is Dennis Doomen and I've been working in the IT for over 14 years. I'm currently the Principal Consultant at Aviva Solutions. I regard myself as being very pragmatic, and I have a lot of experience with ALM, TDD, BDD, DDD,design patterns, architecture, Agile practices, TFS and Silverlight. I've also published Coding Guidelines for C# 3.0 and C# 4.0 and wrote an open-source framework for verifying unit test behavior called Fluent Assertions.

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